Sunday, July 24, 2011

West Highland Way - Scotland Day 7 - Kinlochleven to Fort Williams

West Highland Way - Scotland

Day 7 - Kinlochleven to Fort Williams(17.25 miles)

We woke up to beautiful weather once again at our usual time. There wasn't really even a cloud in the sky and the temperature was rather warm (not the usual scotish weather from what we've been told).

I over indulged in a huge Scotish breakfast which could have easily fed two pe0ple. I at so much that I actually felt worse than the previous morning after drinking 11 pints in Kingshouse.

We headed out a little after 9am. The first mile or so climbed steeply out of Kinlochleven which we took slowly through the woods. This was the first day that we really started to notice the midges and flies. They are ferocious little buggers with nastly bites!

Once out of the woods we connected with another old military road which wound through a peaceful valley. The sun was bright without a cloud in the sky, but a nice swift breeze kept us cool, but not from getting a little red around the face, neck and arms. We passed two ruins which were very interesting to see.

After six miles or so we hit trail again which took us through pine forests. The woods were spectacular and filled with moss, ferns and clover which Lisa and I spent a bit looking for 4 leafs. There was a small section at the end of the woods that had been logged which was a little depressing, but the sites were still beautiful.

At the end of the trail section we hit the logging road which would take us to Fort William. We could see the town off in the distance which made us feel a sense of accomplishment as well as a bit of sadness that our journey was coming to a close.

Several miles of road walking along with the heat and the sun started to take its toll on Lisa, but she was a trooper and marched on to the end without complaining.

Once in town the trail became a bit confusing. We were unaware that the end of the WHW had changed since last year and that the statue had been removed. We took our picture and the "Original End" of the trail (95 miles) then followed the markers through Fort Williams streets to the new end where we once again took our photos.

We headed back to the Grog and Gruel to get our completion certificate and celebratory Guiness. We had officially had walked the 97 mile West Highland Way trail and over 100 miles with trips into towns and B&B's. I was extremely proud of Lisa for pushing herself to achieve such an accomplishment.

We headed to our guest house to clean up and then headed back into town for dinner at The Tavern. While sitting enjoying our soup and appetizers we were surprised by our old friend Jack who just happened by. We chatted a bit and he was on his way.

After dinner we headed back towards our B&B making one final stop for a drink and then off to bed like the elderly folk we are by 9:30 :)

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