Saturday, May 7, 2016

PCT Hike.....

It has taken some time to actually come to terms with the outcome of my PCT hike dream and to make this post.

Unfortunately this was not my year to hike the PCT.  The sad truth of the matter is that I hurt my knee pretty bad and will not be able to do a long distance hike. It's been a little over 3 weeks now and although the severe pain is no longer there the soreness and weakness persists.

It has been hard not being out in nature for the past few weeks. I was planning on using that time to do a little reflecting, soul searching and just a plane way of disconnecting from the "Matrix" living of society for a bit. I have even tried to talk myself into heading back out and disregard the physical issue at hand (which would not have been a "Smart" choice).  I am now back at home, healing up and looking for a job.

With all that being said I just wanted to let the few folks who may have been wanting to follow along that this was just not in the cards to head on a long hike. I am hoping that my knee will be well enough to get back out on the weekends to do shorter trips with less pack weight in the future though. I do apologize to any who had their hopes up of following along :( I can assure you that I am extremely disappointed in the outcome myself.

Thank you all for your kind words, support and motivation leading up to what could have been an epic adventure.  Don't count me out....just down for a bit :)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) Thru Hike 2016 - Clothing

Above you will find a short video of the clothing that I will be wearing at the start of my hike. 

Hat : Outdoor Research Full Brimmed Hat (not sure on current pricing as I purchase this in 2010).

Sunglasses: Prepper - $39

Bandana: REI - $5

Shirt: Short sleeved (No price available - purchased in 2008)

Shirt: Columbia Silver Ridge Lite - $55

Pants: Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants - $60

Gators: Dirty Girl Gaiters - $21

Socks:  Darn Tough - $18 and Wrightsock Coolmesh II - $12

Shoes: LaSportiva Wildcats - $110

I was very fortunate to have accumulated enough dividend dollars at REI to completely fund my entire clothing assortment for this trip which greatly helps out considering the expense of quality gear (as you can see by the prices).

I have never done any desert hiking so this will be a trial by error endeavor and this list may or may not change as I progress up the trail.

I hope this provides some insight into what I will be starting off with. As I mentioned before (disclaimer) this is only what I believe (and hope) will work for me and should only be used as a guideline for making personal decisions which will work for you.

Until next time......


Thursday, April 7, 2016

PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) Thru Hike 2016 - Planning

I have comprised a short video showing what material I have used in the preparation for my upcoming PCT Thru Hike Attempt starting this April.

I hope the information I found useful helps out in possibly planning your future adventure. This is by no means a complete list of all the material on the market, but rather some information that I found the most useful in "my" planning.

If you would also consider donating to the ASPCA through my memorial campaign for Lilly that would also be appreciated.

As always.....

Happy Trails!!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) Thru Hike 2016 - Introduction

So it's that time to embark on another adventure.  I originally had no real plans on doing another long distance hike for a long time, but the timing just seemed right at this point for a long walk.

I had transitioned back into a job from one of my previous career fields that I had hoped would progress into something other than an entry level position. Unfortunately the possibility of upward movement in the company seemed little to none in the foreseeable future so I decided to cut my losses and go back into the field in which I have worked the past 7 years.

Also, we are thinking about relocating out west after this year.  We have come to a conclusion that we need a change of scenery and will be moving to Colorado to start a much bigger adventure as well as be able to participate in activities that we both enjoy more frequently (and without a 4-5 hour drive to start and end the weekend to get to).

Unfortunately this year started off on a very bad foot.  We lost our baby girl (our golden) to cancer unexpectedly the first of the year. I can honestly say this is the hardest loss that I have ever experienced. Months later I still feel a huge hole in my life. I am dedicating this walk to her and in her memory. I have set up a memorial page in her honor:

 if anyone would like to donate!  ALL funds go directly to the ASPCA!!!!

Look for additional videos and posts in the near future including : Preparation, gear, clothing and on trail adventures.

Until Later......