Friday, July 22, 2011

West Highland Way - Scotland Day 5 - Tyndrum to Kingshouse

West Highland Way - Scotland

Day 5 - Tyndrum to Kingshouse (20 miles)

Knowing we had a long 20 mile day we woke up early (6:30am). The owner of the B&B was nice enough to have our breakfast ready by 7:30 so we could be on the trail by 8am (rather than our normal 9am start). I had fresh trout that her husband caught the day before and Lisa had muselli and cheese toast.

For the most part the trail followed old military roads which made walking fast and easy. We were easily doing 3mph pace which kept us on course for finishing too late in the day. The views were magnificant and the weather was once again on our side.

We made it to the Bridge of Orchy by 10:30. I found out that this is one of the places that they filmed Harry Potter.

We arrived at the Inveroran Hotel by 12:00 where we decided to stop and have lunch. Lisa was hurting pretty bad at this point (10 miles in) so it was nice to take a break and let her heal up a bit. She took a nice bath in "Icy/Hot" before we headed back out around 12:50.

The next section of trail just kept getting better. We followed the military road for the next 10 miles to Kingshouse Hotel where we would be staying for the night.

Arriving around 4:45 we immediately jumped into the shower to get refreshed before heading down to the hotel pub for dinner. Lisa had a goat cheese salad and I the Steak and Ale pie with vegetables and potatoes. We both had a bowl of vegetable coriandor soup to start.

I was asked to have a pint of beer by several people for them while in Scotland and I believe I had enough this night to cover everyone :) (11 pints total = next morning headache). So here is one for you: Dad, Mom, Ronnie, Bruce, Cindy, Jennifer, Jill, Kristin, Tom and any other friends that needed one :)

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