Friday, October 23, 2009

Opening Statements.........
I have been hiking for a couple of years in the hobby/sport/etc. that has been termed as light-weight backpacking and have been asked numerous questions regarding this passion for the outdoors. I finally decided to create a space where people could visit and gather information on my personal adventures as well as try and post informative information on questions that I have had along the way hopefully allowing people to learn from my experiences (both good and bad). I will not claim to be an expert on any area, but will try to provide information that I have gathered through my experiences and research.
The most important advice that I can give to anyone when breaking into this incredibly gratifying and rewarding sport is to "Hike YOUR Own Hike". What does this phrase mean?.......You and only you can select your method and way of hiking! My personal experience and trends fall towards that of lightweight backpacking. This is not to be confused with Ultralight backpacking which is something slightly different....but that is a topic for another post.
During my posts I will update you on my adventures as well as try to post tips and tricks that I have learned and found useful during my never ending growth with gear, food selection, preparation and other things that I have had questions about when trying to find my personal way of hiking.
If anyone has questions for me regarding anything related to backpacking I will do my best to try and answer them within my posts in hopes that others may learn. When I first broke into this I had numerous questions and was fortunate enough to find individuals that were more than willing to help me out (these individuals know who they are and I thank you for all your help). Over the years I have adapted my gear, packing and food selections to meet my needs and have finally found a happy medium that works for me. This "evolution" is just that and I'm sure things will morph as new gear is designed and my ever growing appetite on the trail changes as well.
I hope you find this blog helpful and informative.

Until later......"Keep your eyes on the skyline and nose into the wind"

Hike your own Hike!!!