Thursday, July 21, 2011

West Highland Way - Scotland Day 4 - Inverarnan to Tyndrum

West Highland Way - Scotland

Day 4 - Inverarnan to Tyndrum (12 miles)

Todays routine was similar to our last several. Wake up at 7am, get things together, head down for our scotish breakfast at 8am and on the trail by 9.

The day started off a little overcast, but we were fortunate enough to avoid any rain.

The trail was really beautiful. This seemed where the true highlands began. We followed the River Fillan for the first half of the day between two mountain ridges. It was pretty cloudy so my picture quality was a little off, but it kept the temperature down which made for an enjoyable hike.

Shortly after navagating away from the river we stopped for lunch. Unfortunately our sandwiches were not that great, but I ate them anyway. Lisa could only eat the ham & tomato relish (? on what it really was) half down, but could not eat more than a bite of the other (which I really couldn't tell you what was on it other than the colour was deep brown and had shredded cheese). After finishing lunch and packing up we stepped back to the trail at which point I looked down and found a British Pound ($). The fact that I found a coin in the middle of a field made me feel pretty lucky for the day.

We then proceeded on climbing over the hill and through a wooded area. Here we ran into trail maintenance. This was very different from what I have seen while hiking in the past. The group (4) had a bobcat and were all dressed in "business casual" attire. A far cry from various aged volunteers with pic axes, shovels and looking like they were bathed in dirt that I recall.

After descending through the forest we came to what I felt was some of the most spectacular sections yet. The sun had come out ong enough for us to come through a sheep ranch area. The place was covered with sheep and the backdrop was breathtaking.

The last bit of the hike into Tyndrum was relatively easy. When I say easy I mean Lisa didn't have to climb any hills :)

When we arrived at our B&B we immediately showered up and set upon the task of filling our bellies. We found a local restaurant and loaded up. Lisa had 2 fish cakes, chips and a bowl of fish soup. I had fish and chips, mashed green peas and a side salad. The portions were huge and more than satisfied our hungry appetites.

We lumbered down to the local filling station and bought supplies for the next day and then stopped at the Tyndrum Hotel to get our stamp (I'll expain later) and a drink.

Back at our room we made P,B & J Sandwiches and fell into bed to rest up for our long 20 mile day.

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