Sunday, March 13, 2016

PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) Thru Hike 2016 - Introduction

So it's that time to embark on another adventure.  I originally had no real plans on doing another long distance hike for a long time, but the timing just seemed right at this point for a long walk.

I had transitioned back into a job from one of my previous career fields that I had hoped would progress into something other than an entry level position. Unfortunately the possibility of upward movement in the company seemed little to none in the foreseeable future so I decided to cut my losses and go back into the field in which I have worked the past 7 years.

Also, we are thinking about relocating out west after this year.  We have come to a conclusion that we need a change of scenery and will be moving to Colorado to start a much bigger adventure as well as be able to participate in activities that we both enjoy more frequently (and without a 4-5 hour drive to start and end the weekend to get to).

Unfortunately this year started off on a very bad foot.  We lost our baby girl (our golden) to cancer unexpectedly the first of the year. I can honestly say this is the hardest loss that I have ever experienced. Months later I still feel a huge hole in my life. I am dedicating this walk to her and in her memory. I have set up a memorial page in her honor:

 if anyone would like to donate!  ALL funds go directly to the ASPCA!!!!

Look for additional videos and posts in the near future including : Preparation, gear, clothing and on trail adventures.

Until Later......