Wednesday, July 20, 2011

West Highland Way - Scotland Day 3- Rowardennan to Inverarnan

West Highland Way - Scotland

Day 3- Rowardennan to Inverarnan (13.25 miles)

Rise and shine at 7:00am, showers and another good scotish breakfast (which unfortunately took quite a while to get to the table).

We were on the trail a little after 9am and experienced our first almost full day of rain.

For the first 5 miles we walked along old dirt road beds until ariving at a true trail. This made for a nice easy grade which was mostly uphill.

The trail for the next few miles was rocky, but not all that bad. The rain and cloud cover kept the temperature cool, but for the most part was only drizzling.

When we reached Inversnaid we were once again surprised to find an exquisite hotel situation right on the lake. Since we were waterlogged and covered in mud from the knees down we opted to sit outside at some picnic tables and enjoyed our packed lunches (Beef and mustard and bread with a paper this slice of meat, chips, banana, cookies and juice).

As we were getting ready to leave Jack popped out of the hotel. He arrived at the hotel in the rain so decided to head inside and get a bowl of soup and eat his packed lunch. He headed on up ahead of us and we all made our way northward.

The next several miles of trail were very slow going. The trail was exrtremely muddy and we had to scramble over rocks which were slippery. The area around Rob Roy's Cave (which really isn't a cave, but a large crack in the rocks) was extremely difficult. A little after the Doune Bothy the rain finally subsided and we were able to take off the rain gear. The views began to open and we enjoyed our final views of Loch Lomond.

We arrived in Inverarnan around 4:40 and headed to our B&B - Roses Cottage - which was just a short walk to the Drovers Inn.

Lisa immediately hopped in the shower and I sat in the room listening to her enjoying the water soothe the aches and pains from the day (quite comical, but you had to be there :) ).

We headed over to the Drovers Inn aroudn 5:45 for dinner. There we met up with Jack for what would most likely be our last time together (he has an 18 miles day tomorrow and we only have 12). It will be strange not having him around for meals as he has been with us since our first stop at the Hillview Inn. Lisa had a hamburger and I had the Hunters Chicken. We had a few beers together, share a few more stories and said our goodbyes.

Hopefully tonight we will get a goodnight sleep and rest for a short 12ish mile day tomorrow.

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