Saturday, November 2, 2013

OHT - Day 5 - Mile 71
From the time I crawled in my tent last night until this morning it pretty much rained non stop. To be quite honest the rain was quite soothing. I didn't get much sleep, but I did feel a little more relaxed.
I was able to get cell service last night and found out Hill Hiker would be heading out my way to visit and bring a little trail magic. As meeting up with him was the main reason for heading to AR for some hiking this was good news!
Most of the am was ridge walking and as most of the time it was raining the views were limited. The trail has been somewhat non eventful with no wildlife seen as of yet (1 deer running away from me as I spooked it) and NO vistas at all. The colors have changed dramtically giving the only highlight to what so far has been a wooded tunnel. From the way the guidebook describes the trail you would think it would be in better shape :( There are a lot of old blow downs along the trail and many parts overgrown. Too bad :(
Oh to meet Hill Hiker, have a few beers and share some stories.