Thursday, February 7, 2013

Skiing-WinterPlace Ski Resort, West Virginia

     This past weekend I headed North to West Virginia where I would spend Saturday Skiing at WinterPlace Ski Resort. I met a good friend of mine from Virginia to spend the day skiing. The last time either of us had been on sticks was almost 9 years to the day since we went skiing together at HawksNest.
     WinterPlace Ski Resort is located just off exit 28 on Route 77 in West Virginia. It is only about 5 minutes from the interstate and easily accessible by many East coast cities.  They have about 20 ski runs ranging in varying difficulties.  The runs are a little short and narrow, but for the price and proximity it was well worth it.

     The weather turned out to be perfect conditions for a day on the slopes.  The temperature when we arrived was a balmy 16 degrees and sunny.  After a good long weight in line to purchase lift tickets and get our ski rentals the clouds moved in and the snow started.  I heard varying reports throughout the day on how much snow had accumulated, but the general consensus was between 6-8". 
On one of the ski lifts.

     Although this was not a hiking adventure it was a good time spent in the outdoors.  I'm getting ready to start my hiking season and will try to post any adventures that I undertake.

Until next time....Happy Trails!!