Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OHT - Day 4 - Mile 63.ish

Headed out early today (around 7:45 am). Still overcast but no rain.
I made the first 9 mile in about 3.75 hours which surprised me as I was still feeling pretty crappy. I waited at a stream crossing for "ozark" (Doug 2 now has a trail name - I gave him Billy Goat, but he would have none of it :) ). I ate lunch until he arrived and then we headed on together.
We had a hellacious climb (1000') to a ridgeline where we hoped to get cell coverage to make sure Hill Hiker made it home safely. This is the first place that I've got reception.
I now lay in my tent with it raining outside making phone calls to family to let them know all is ok.
Until tomorrow....

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