Saturday, October 12, 2013

LightHeart Gear - Rain Jacket Review

Today I received a prototype model of a new rain jacket that will be coming out soon by LightHeart Gear. I'm not quite sure when they will be put in full production and ready for sale, but check out their website and see what other goodies they have until then (

I posted an "Initial Impressions" review (video above) that will give a first look at what I found upon receiving.

The material is extremely lightweight and the construction of outstanding quality.  The actual weight of the jacket is only 7.4 oz (for the XL that I received) or 210 grams.  Since the material is made of silicon nylon it is a little warm, but the design has included pit zips which allow for increased ventilation.

There are 2 large inside pockets that aren't your typical mesh pockets in most jacket designs. They are actually 2 full sized pockets that are constructed in such a fashion that object will stay in place and not wind up on the trail.  The external pockets are well thought out too.  They have easy access for your hands, but also dip down slightly so if you are carrying small objects they will not easily fall out.

The hood design is unique to other jackets that I have had in the past.  The draw string is situated in a manner that allows the hood to be drawn in around the face and not the bill area. With the cinch clips on the draw string the hood is held securely in place when tightened.

I have a 2 week adventure coming up soon which will put this jacket to the test. Once I return I will provide another product review that is "Field Tested".

Until next time.....

Happy Trails!!!


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