Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Appalachian Trail - Halfway Point from last season

This is a video I shot from last years AT thru hike attempt as I reached the halfway marker.

I looked back on this video and saw something in myself that made me realize who I am and what makes me tick. So many people in life will try to discourage you from being who you are. Not because they are being selfish or because they want to keep you from being what you want to be, but simply because they don't understand.  Simplicity and a break from what the world today suggests is the norm may not make sense to most, but this doesn't mean you can't stray from that.  Don't let people take your dreams away!! They are yours!!! The only thing between them is your willingness to not let others keep them from you!!! Live life my friends for it is the only one you have!!!

Happy Trails!!!


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