Monday, October 29, 2012

Shenandoah River Canoe Trip

Trip Info:
Dates - October 27-28, 2012
Location - Shenandoah National Park (Shenandoah River)
Outfitter used -
Mileage - Day 1=10 miles, Day 2=11 miles

     This past weekend I headed North to the Shenandoah National Park for a canoe trip with a good friend of mine.  As always the trip was a blast and I had to opportunity to see things that I normally wouldn't being cooped up at home.
     Although the drive was a bit long it was actually very therapeutic. The fall colors were still hanging on to the trees so the scenery was beautiful.  Once out of the city and traveling up route 81 I reached the mountains and rolling hills of Virginia giving me a taste of what we would be spending the next couple days surrounded by.
     During the trip we were treated to quite an array of wildlife.  Although most of what we saw were different species of birds the ones we did see were anything typical.  On the menu were various ducks, water fowl, Blue Herons and a Bald Eagle.  Unfortunately I was unable to get my camera out and fired up until it had climbed into the sky, but as it took flight from the river there was no mistaking the 6 foot wingspan and white tail and head.  I felt honored to get a glimpse of something so majestic and rare in this part of the country.
     I couldn't resist setting the music in the above video to what you will hear if you watch it. :)  I hope you enjoy!!

Happy Trails!!

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