Monday, October 8, 2012

Been MIA for a while....

     I apologize to the few of you who may have happened upon this little place, where I rant and share tales of my adventures, for being MIA for some time now.  I have unfortunately fallen victim to whatever virus has been going around and have been out of commission for over 3 weeks now. :( I am on my second round of antibiotics so I've got my fingers crossed that this will kill whatever has taken up residence inside me.
     This situation has unfortunately kept me from my workouts of both the gym and Insanity.  I am getting anxious to get back to both as I was feeling pretty good before I became ill.  Yes the weight/fat was coming off, but more importantly the BP had dropped and my energy levels were climbing.  All good indicators that living a healthy lifestyle has great advantages. 
     I have slid a little off the wagon with the diet since being sick.  Comfort foods have been calling my name all too often.  That and the fact that football season is in full swing has put a little bump in the road - chicken wings, beer and football just seem to fit too well together :).  Once I'm back to feeling better I will start the diet back up full go.
     There are a lot of little hikes that I am looking into sometime soon since the weather has cooled off a bit here in the south.  Roan Mtn, TN is one of my favorites and would be a nice short hike to do on a clear weekend (the balds are perfect for 360 views on a clear day).  Another would be a trip to the Greyson Highlands of Virginia. This is another of my favorite southeast hikes.  On my trip through that area while attempting an AT Thru hike it was pretty cloudy/rainy so I missed out (not to worry as I've hiked that section at least a dozen times already).  Another small adventure may take me to the Foothills Trail in SC.  I have already received my guidebook and maps for it so I'm ready when I can find some takers to head out.  Then there is the conclusion of the Benton Mackaye Trail.  Not too much more to complete it so I may head out for a few shorter weekend trips to finish it off. 
     So there you have it!!  The short and skinny version anyway :). I will update my exercise stats as I am able to return to high levels of exertion and I will post videos and trail information as I head out into the woods.  Until then.....Get Out and Hike !!!!

Happy Trails

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