Sunday, March 13, 2016

PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) Thru Hike 2016 - Introduction

So it's that time to embark on another adventure.  I originally had no real plans on doing another long distance hike for a long time, but the timing just seemed right at this point for a long walk.

I had transitioned back into a job from one of my previous career fields that I had hoped would progress into something other than an entry level position. Unfortunately the possibility of upward movement in the company seemed little to none in the foreseeable future so I decided to cut my losses and go back into the field in which I have worked the past 7 years.

Also, we are thinking about relocating out west after this year.  We have come to a conclusion that we need a change of scenery and will be moving to Colorado to start a much bigger adventure as well as be able to participate in activities that we both enjoy more frequently (and without a 4-5 hour drive to start and end the weekend to get to).

Unfortunately this year started off on a very bad foot.  We lost our baby girl (our golden) to cancer unexpectedly the first of the year. I can honestly say this is the hardest loss that I have ever experienced. Months later I still feel a huge hole in my life. I am dedicating this walk to her and in her memory. I have set up a memorial page in her honor:

 if anyone would like to donate!  ALL funds go directly to the ASPCA!!!!

Look for additional videos and posts in the near future including : Preparation, gear, clothing and on trail adventures.

Until Later......



  1. Very sorry to hear about your buddy. I have 4 dogs myself and I know I'd be devastated. I think it's awesome you are doing the PCT especially in her memory. Dude Colorado is awesome! Employment there can be tricky unless you are in specialized field then you're good to go. The hiking out there is unreal. I'm actually heading out there in May to do a short section of the Colorado Trail. Just a long weekend type thing. I snowboard out there often and I can't get enough of that state. There's just such better hiking places out west and once you're in that region, all those states become way more accessible. Check out the Tahoe Rim Trail if you haven't yet, it's 170 mile hike and looks pretty amazing. As always, I look forward to your updates and videos on the trails!


  2. Ryan,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment!!! The west definitely has some of the best hiking I have experienced. Hopefully Colorado isn't too far off in our future as that is where we plan on relocating to. Keep on keepin' on :)

  3. Losing your best friend is tough. We lost our golden a few years back to cancer at an early age. What a great way to remember and honor your pup....I'm with you on being ready for a change. After hiking the jmt last September it's hard to hike here in the southeast... I'm heading out later today to hike the foothills trail in SC/NC with my 4 legged hiking buddy....hoping to do the collegiate loop this year in CO. Enjoy your hike......

  4. What an incredible opportunity. I am sure it will be an excellent experience and looking forward to hearing about your many adventures.Enjoy!!

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