Sunday, May 11, 2014

Appalachian Trail - Hughes Gap to Erwin, TN - Day 3 (8.8 miles)

     It rained for a little while last night, but had tailed off sometime before 12am (the first time I woke up and checked the clock).  The rest of the night was a comfortable temperature and very quiet, but for some reason I could not get physically comfortable. I drifted in and out of sleep most of the night and finally decided to get up around 6:10 am.
     I hit the trail at a few minutes past 7 and decided I would take a comfortable, but diligent pace back to Uncle Johnny's.  The reason for making good time was due to unfortunate circumstances. My hiking partner had hit his limit around Beauty Spot Gap and decided to get off the trail and get a shuttle back to the hostel.  Since I had already made camp when I got the news and it was later in the evening I decided to stay out alone and just hike the 8.8 miles to town early the next morning.
     I was treated to a beautiful morning full of sunshine, moderate temperatures and beautiful views.  A cloud had settled into the lower elevations and since the trees weren't into full bloom I could get a pretty good view of the valley below.
     The trip was mostly downhill and I made good time. I still took time to take a lot of pictures and videos as well as take in some of the scenery, but made it back to UJ's by 10:30.
     Another great weekend kicking around in the woods!!!

Until the next adventure....

Happy Trails!!!!

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