Saturday, April 26, 2014

Springer Fever - Day 2

Had a pretty good nights sleep last night. It got chilly, but not cold. I rolled out of the tent a little after 6:30 to what would be the beginning of a great day.
We headed out on the trail by 7:45 and just took my time most of the day. Formula One (AKA Chris) must have ate some Wheeties for breakfast because he spead off and I did see him again until 3:30 at Woody Gap.
Just before lunch I ran into a group of ladies who recognized me from some of my YouTube videos. I thought that was pretty cool and nice to know they might be motivating or inspiring others to Get Out and Hike. So from the trail here's a shout out to you (not sure what their names were-sorry).
The rest of the afternoon was a little warmer than I would have liked (84 degrees), but the skies were clear and a slight breeze picked up around 4ish.
I'm now laying in my tent resting my feet and catching up with my end of day chores. Only 7.2 miles out tomorrow morning, but the climb over Blood Mountain will be a tough one!

Happy Trails!!!


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